Fury as thieving care worker avoids jail

Rachel Rasburn
Rachel Rasburn

A campaign organisation has blasted a decision by magistrates not to send a care worker who stole from a 90-year-old woman to jail.

Action on Elder Abuse criticised the suspended sentence given to Up Holland thief Rachel Rasburn who took £1,000 from Gladys Eastham.

Rasburn, of Windsor Road, was providing care at home to Mrs Eastham and was given her victim’s card and pin number to withdraw money for shopping.

However, she helped herself to cash from the account over a period of two months between December 2016 and February 2017.

Rasburn, 31, was given 24 weeks in prison but the sentence was suspended for two years, a move which has drawn the ire of the London-based organisation.

Action on Elder Abuse director Stephen McCarthy said: “We were very disappointed to read that Rachel Rasburn will not face a custodial jail sentence.

“This is despite the fact that this offence was a terrible breach of trust against a vulnerable adult and, because the theft occurred over a two month period, certainly pre-meditated.

“Given that the function of sentencing is not only to punish offenders but to provide a deterrent to others, this sends out entirely the wrong message.

“That’s why we are campaigning to make crimes targeted against older people aggravated offences, so that our courts can start issuing punishments that really do fit the crime.”

Rasburn’s crime came to light when the victim was in hospital and found a receipt for withdrawn cash, prompting her to check her account.

Stocks Hall Nursing and Care Group, who Rasburn was working for at the time, confirmed she was no longer employed by the company.

She was also ordered to pay Mrs Eastham compensation and do unpaid work.