Is your home in crime hotspot?

Sydney Street, Platt Bridge
Sydney Street, Platt Bridge

THESE are Wigan Borough’s burglary hotspots - the streets where residents have suffered the most at the hands of raiders.

Figures released through a Freedom of Information request to Greater Manchester Police have revealed the top 20 streets and roads in terms of the amount of burglaries between April 2010 to March 2011.

The 20 streets accounted for a total of 177 burglaries in a year.

Hindley is the worst hit area overall, with more than a quarter of the worst hit roads and streets featuring in the top 20. Other areas badly affected by burglaries include Ince and Leigh.

The worst-affected streets included Sydney Street in Platt Bridge (eight incidents of burglary), Viscount Road in Marsh Green (also eight) and Priory Avenue in Leigh (seven).

Atherton Road suffered the highest in total, with nine burglaries during this period, but it is also one of the longest roads in the borough.

But quieter roads were also among the favourites of raiders’ who left hundreds of devastated families in their wake.

Superintendent Andrea Jones of GMP’s Wigan Division said: “We are currently running Operation Goshawk across Wigan and Pemberton to closely monitor our burglary offenders and raise public awareness of simple but effective crime prevention measures.

“These include always putting the alarm on when you go out, locking all doors and windows and leaving a light on when leaving your home empty.

“It is also a good idea to set timer switches to turn lights and radios on and off, as this will make your home a less attractive target for criminals.”

GMP are continuing to warn householders not to invite burglars into their homes by letting their guard down over security.

To reduce the chances of having a miserable start to the New Year, Police are reminding Wigan residents to lock all external doors and windows, activate the burglar alarm if you have one and use timer switches on lights and radios to make your house look occupied.

Valuables should also be kept out of sight and any boxes that contained presents or other valuables disposed of by taking them to the tip - leaving them outside your home advertises to thieves what might be inside.

Police also recommend registering all valuables for free at - almost any item with a serial number that is recovered by police can be returned to the owner if it is registered on the database.

A list of the top 20 most burgled streets in the borough with how many incidents of burglary occurred between April 2010 and April 2011:

Atherton Road, Hindley 9

Sydney Street, Platt Bridge 8

Viscount Road, Marsh Green 8

Priory Avenue, Leigh 7

Glebe Street, Leigh 7

St Helens Road, Leigh 7

Firs Lane, Leigh 7

Wigan Road, 7

Battersby Street, 6

Camberwell Cres, Whelley 6

Park Road, Wigan 6

Leigh Road, 6

Ashbourne Avenue, Wigan 6

Manchester Road, Ince 6

Ormskirk Road, Wigan 6

Kendal Road, Ince 6

Wigan Road, Hindley 6

Windermere Road 6

Chapel Green Rd, Hindley 5

Devonshire Road, Atherton 5

Walthew Lane, Platt Bridge 5

Belle Green Lane, Ince 5

Sherwood Drive, Pemberton 5

Bickershaw Lane, Leigh 5

Tyldesley Road, Atherton 5

Bolton Road, 5

Maple Crescent, Leigh 5

Wigan Road (A49), Standish 5