Jail for charity box thief

Bradley Higham
Bradley Higham
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A LOW-LIFE thief who stole a Poppy Appeal collection box on Armistice Day has been jailed.

Bradley Higham, of Penny Lane, Haydock, was sentenced to eight months behind bars after he admitted four counts of theft before Warrington Crown Court earlier this week.

Higham, 34, who stole British Legion collection tins from a bank in Frodsham - on Armistice Day - and a Warrington convenience store, was also handed an anti-social behaviour order.

However, because of the time he has already spent in custody on remand, Higham is set to be released within a matter of weeks.

Chief Inspector Jon Ward said the crimes had caused “shock and anger” in the community.

And Cheshire Police confirmed that Higham’s crime spree, between November 6-11 last year, also included thefts from a Chester hotel and a St Rocco’s Hospice charity box from a Warrington chip shop.

Ch Insp Ward said: “The nature of this man’s crimes generated a sense of shock and anger within the community, and we are pleased with the decision of the courts to imprison Higham for what can only be described as a despicable pattern of offending.

“He clearly holds no regard or respect for those who have given their lives in conflict both past and present, and it was this sense of resentment that caused the community to react and assist in the police investigation to track Higham down and bring him to justice quickly. He will now have time to reflect on his behaviour behind bars where we can only hope that the consequences of his actions will be realised.”

Higham, previously of Poplars Avenue, Warrington, gave his new Haydock address to the courts for the first time.