Lyndsey Vaux murder trial: Detectives found blood splattered all over house

Lyndsey Vaux
Lyndsey Vaux
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Blood stains were found on the ceiling and walls in the house where 30 -year-old Lyndsey Vaux died, the jury in a joint-murder trial has heard.

The trial of Becky Reid, 32, and her mother Gillian Reid, 57, continued today (Wednesday) at Manchester Crown Court with the prosecution honing in on forensic evidence found by investigators at Sydney Street, where Lyndsey died in May last year.

Sydney Street in Platt Bridge where Lyndsey was abused by her lover Becky Reid

Sydney Street in Platt Bridge where Lyndsey was abused by her lover Becky Reid

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On day two of the trial, in which Becky and Gillian Reid face one charge of murder and one charge of grievous bodily harm with intent, prosecutor Paul Reid read more evidence from Lyndsey’s post mortem examination and crime scene investigators, with mention of Lyndsey’s extensive injuries.

He said: “Externally there was grazing and bruising to the neck, most likely as a result of neck gripping, but there was a linear bruise indicative of an impact with a linear weapon and Dr Philip Lumb (pathologist) could not exclude a direct blow or blows.

"Internally the neck contained severe injuries, in particular the voice box was fractured. Internal bruising appeared to be only a few hours old.”
Becky Reid’s ex-partner Samantha Newns, 37, also took the stand for the first time to describe years of abuse at the hands of her partner.

Ms Newns recalled how Reid allegedly pushed her face into a pool of dog urine, kicked her in the ribs and face on repeated occasions and beat her over the head with a “thick glass jar” to the point where she was too “frightened and ashamed” to ask anyone for help.

The severe beatings, she said, were often witnessed by Becky Reid’s mum Gillian - also accused, who once stood up for Ms Newns but often just “stood and watched”.

Ms Newns went into detail on the beating in which she alleged Gillian Reid stood on her throat as her daughter attacked her with the jar.

“It was the worst beating of the whole thing,” she said. “Her mum punched me right in the mouth causing the loss of one tooth and a scar where my tooth came through my lip”.

Ms Newns showed the gap of her missing tooth to the jury, before continuing. “That was the final straw”, she said. "She busted my nose."