Man assaulted wife in front of children

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A FATHER-of-seven admitted assaulting his wife in front of his children during an incident at their home.

Lloyd Brian Foster, 42, of Hansom Drive, Atherton, pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife, Maxine Foster, when he appeared at Wigan Magistrates’ Court.

Ms Debbie Parry, prosecuting, told magistrates that on January 23, Foster had been drinking and became abusive after not being able to find his pens.

As his wife began to make tea in the kitchen, Ms Parry said he was “extremely abusive” and started to call her names.

As an argument followed, he punched his wife in the right ear, causing her earring to fall out.

Foster then picked up a pan of boiling water and threatened to pour it over her face.

Their 15-year-old son stood in front of Mrs Foster and another child attempted to calm Foster down.

As Mrs Foster dished out the food, Foster said he did not want it and began calling her names.

He then took the food and as his 10-year-old child took the plate away from him, he “went beserk,” and swore as he threw a plate at a wall and at his wife.

As Mrs Foster tried to call the police, her husband took the phone and threw it into a sink full of water.

Ms Parry added; “The children were hysterical. It was extremely distressful.”

Mr Bill Pearson, defending, said Foster accepted that an argument did occur but he acted in retaliation as his wife had thrown a glass of wine over him.

Mr Pearson said: “What was described was retaliation rather than self defence. Mercifully, there were no serious injuries. There were children involved. He is not before the court for being a bad husband or father. He is in court for striking his wife once in the ear.”

He added that Mrs Foster was receiving support from social services and other agencies following her husband’s behaviour. The case was adjourned until April 18, when he will appear before magistrates for a pre-sentence report.