Man broke into shop while still on licence

A PERSISTENT burglar who carried out more offences while on licence from prison has been put behind bars.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Martin McQuilliams broke into a convenience store in Wigan and two weeks later attempted to burgle a house in Chorley and tried to steal two cars.

Jailing him for three years and two months, Judge William George said that such offences caused disruption and upset to the victims.

He said that burglary at the shop, in Church Street, Orrell, from where £6,000 worth of property was taken, caused upset and inconvenience to members of our society.

Judge George added: “This commercial premises prove a useful service to the local community, our community, our society.

“You are a member of that society and it is about time you realised you have to be a sensible member of that society and put away this offending.”

McQuilliams, 22, of Marlborough Road, Tuebrook, Liverpool, pleaded guilty to burglary, attempted burglary and two attempt thefts.

Mr Harry Pepper, prosecuting, said that the Orrell shop was burgled between October 18-21 last year by removing part of the front window. £4,000 worth of cigarettes, £1,000 worth of alcohol and a further £1,000 worth of other goods were stolen.

He told the court that between November 3 and 6, McQuilliams tried to break into a house in Bredon Avenue, Chorley and then tried to break into two cars in Countess Way, Chorley.

Mr Pepper said that McQuilliams had left a series of clues at the scenes of the crime, including leaving his fingerprints at the shop he broke into, was spotted on the driveway of the house in Chorley and identified by a witness and even left his DNA on the cars he tried to steal.

Ms Sarah Holt, defending, said that he had a difficult background.

She added: “It is difficult to know what to do with him, but he has pleaded guilty and is still a young man.”