Man denies nightclub glass attack

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A MAN accused of injuring another man in a night club by smashing a glass in his face denied the allegations.

Tarek Badran told a Liverpool Crown Court jury that he was not the man responsible for the injuries.

He admitted that he had gone over to Peter Baston, who was in the Wigan area working as a contractor with colleagues from Bedfordshire, because he believed he had been staring at him.

He also agreed that Mr Baston had told him ‘get out my face’, and Mr Baston had sworn at him but he denied that he then hit him with the glass.

Cross-examining him Andrew Ford, prosecuting, said: “You stuck a glass in his face”.

Badran, 21, said: “That is wrong.” Further questioned he agreed he had had “a couple of drinks” and admitted, “You do stupid things when you are drunk.”

Asked who had done it, if not him, Badran said that he did not know. Mr Ford said: “There is one candidate, it is you.

“You lost it and you are not going to admit it.”

DVD footage was shown to the jury showing the victim coming out of the Reflex Club in King Street, Wigan, obviously injured and Badran was thrown out just over two minutes later by another club-goer and seen to run away.

He encountered a police patrol and claimed that he had been jumped by a gang of men.

Badran, of George Street, Hindley, Wigan, denies wounding with intent in the early hours of May 20.

The 44-year-old victim was taken to hospital for treatment to cuts and bruising around his right eye and had to have a glass splinter removed.