Man fighting for life after assault following England game

Police probe
Police probe

A man is fighting for his life after a vicious street assault in Wigan.

Sources say Monday evening’s incident on Wigan Road, Ashton, is linked to a disturbance at a nearby pub as fans watched Harry Kane fire England to victory against Tunisia.

A flare was set off inside the Presidential American Bar on Bolton Road during the screening.

Fortunately no one was hurt by the incendiary device but it led to a fight breaking out on the premises.

Several minutes after the match ended a man in his 30s was then attacked in the road near to the Twisted Vine pub on Wigan Road.

The nature of the victim’s injuries have not been disclosed but he is now receiving intensive hospital treatment. A suspect has since been arrested.

The Wigan Post has been contacted by several people with regard to the violence.

One, who did not wish to be identified, said: “It’s sad that people can’t just watch a football match without violence breaking out.

“The whole catalyst for this was some idiot setting off a flare indoors at the Presidential Bar which caused a fight to break out.

“Soon after this lad was badly beaten outside the Twisted Vine and knocked unconscious.”

Local political activist Michael Moulding, who has long campaigned against pub-related disorder in Ashton, has also raised concerns over the incidents and the discovery of nitrous oxide canisters - a worrying new laughing gas “high” – in the Presidential Bar car park on June 10, reporting them to the local authorities.