Man jailed after stealing packs of bacon

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A WIGAN man has been jailed after he admitted stealing 20 packets of bacon.

Roy Smalley, 42, of Holborne Avenue, Worsley Mesnes, will spend 14 weeks in prison after he pleaded guilty to stealing on three separate occasions, plus two bail offences, when he appeared at Wigan Magistrates’ Court.

Ms Jayne Kearsley, prosecuting, told magistrates that on August 11 last year staff at the Co-Op, in Woodhouse Lane, Wigan, had seen a man enter the store and start acting suspiciously.

The following morning, when the manager looked through CCTV footage from the previous day, he spotted Smalley stealing several items of meat, valued at £188, and put them in his jacket and leave the store.

The court then heard that on September 6, an employee at Tesco, in Gidlow Lane, had seen a man - later identified as Smalley - take four cans of Special Brew and some food items, to the value of £9.50, and stand at the back of the queue to be served.

He then left the store without paying and was pursued by a member of staff, who recovered all products stolen.

And three days later, Smalley, was seen on CCTV footage stealing 20 packs of bacon, worth £40, from a freezer at Snacks Express, in Scholes Lane,

He left the store and a short while later he re-entered and bought a bottle of lemon juice, but was 9p short, but the manager let him off.

When interviewed by police, Smalley denied that the man featured shoplifting on the CCTV footage was him on all three occasions.

Smalley had also failed to attend court on two dates in December for a trial relating to the thefts, which found him guilty in his absence.

Ms Andrea Woods, defending, said that Smalley had a lengthy criminal record and had been shoplifting since 2001.

The offences had been committed whilst he had been under the influence of heroin and were used to feed his drug habit.

She said: “He does not enjoy his lifestyle and he has health problems as a result of his drug misuse. He wants a period of time to get fit again upon his release.

“There were no aggravating factors and the values stolen were fairly low in all cases.”

Smalley, who was described as an “habitual thief” by the magistrates, was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison but they made no order regarding costs or compensation.