Man pinned his ex to the wall by her throat

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court
Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court

A man has walked free from court after an assault on his ex-partner a district judge described as “appalling”.

Wigan magistrates heard Ian Shacklady, from Skelmersdale, grabbed Gillian Melville by the throat and pinned her against the staircase banister. The 61-year-old then made a threatening comment about her and her son.

The incident happened after Shacklady returned from the pub and found Ms Melville searching for a pair of trainers belonging to her son. He immediately lost his temper, went to the wardrobe and started throwing coats towards her.

The court heard there had been a considerable amount of tension between Shacklady and Ms Melville’s son.

In interview Shacklady admitted an assault but said Ms Melville had been “in his face” when he got home and he pushed her away in annoyance. But he admitted she had not been aggressive towards him or given him any cause for fear.

The court heard he was not drunk at the time. Peter Moran, defending, said it was hoped the pair would at some point be reconciled.

District Judge Mark Hadfield gave Shacklady a conditional discharge, which would lead to him being punished both for the assault and any new offence if he returns to court within 12 months. He told him he was fortunate not to be more heavily punished and sternly lectured him as sentence was passed.

Judge Hadfield said: “I hope you now appreciate the authorities take any violence, particularly in a domestic setting, very seriously. People are entitled to feel safe in their homes and the way you reacted to your partner was appalling. It would have been very worrying for her.

“I am going to take the unusual step of a conditional discharge. This is a lenient step for this offence. It will be hanging over your head and reminding you not to lose your temper. If you do you will put yourself in a very difficult position.”

The judge also ordered Shacklady to pay £85 in costs and a £20 victim surcharge.