Man’s relief after rape trial ordeal

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A WIGAN man has been describing “the worst eight months“ of his life, after being cleared of rape and sexual assault.

Anthony Woodward, 24, was found not guilty of the two offences at Liverpool Crown Court last week.

Mr Woodward, a dad-of-one, says that his life has been turned upside down since being accused last December. He said: “It has been horrific. Not only for me, but my family too. It has been the worst eight months of my life and for what?”

“I now have to somehow piece my life back together again when I did nothing wrong.”

It was alleged that Mr Woodward, of Kitt Green Road, Marsh Green, had gone home with the woman after a night out.

He was later found on top of the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, by her daughter, who had been out with the pair and said she had never seen her mother so drunk.

The daughter alerted her grandparents and Mr Woodward told them to phone the police as he knew he had done nothing wrong.

Mr Woodward denied any wrongdoing from the very beginning and said the only emotion he felt when he was cleared was relief, not joy or happiness.

He added: “It isn’t something to celebrate or to be happy about, justice has been done.

“But we’ll never get the last eight months back. Not only have I been put through this but my family has too. It made me really paranoid. I’m glad it’s all over and just want to get on with my life.”