Masked flasher targeting young woman near Wigan Life Centre

Wigan Life Centre
Wigan Life Centre

A masked flasher has been targeting young women outside a popular Wigan leisure centre.

Police have confirmed that reports have been made of a man performing a lewd act in front of unsuspecting lone women in an area close to the Wigan Life Centre.

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Tasha Roche, 21, encountered the man at around 8pm on Monday following a work-out session at Xercise4less.

As she approached the bus stop near the community centre, she became aware of someone hanging around nearby.

“I sat down under the shelter and the man leant against a bin,” she said. “A minute later I realised the man was touching himself whilst staring at me. I was in utter shock and disbelief.

“I looked away and then back to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, only for him to look me in the eye.

“He was wearing a black balaclava, a black raincoat and joggers so that the only thing i could see was his eyes. He then proceeded to walk away.”

Tasha returned home where she “called her mum and cried”.

A couple of days later she gave a statement to the police, who told her that they “know” the mystery flasher.

The shaken NHS worker was also told that other reports had been made of the same man performing sexual acts in public on the same night.

“I just want to say thank you to the other people who have reported him. Hopefully no one else will be affected by his actions.

“I’m also very grateful to the police for working so hard and quickly to find the man so that it won’t happen again.

“I got off very lucky when I think of what could’ve happened.”

Police are carrying out CCTV inquiries and have conducted an interview with Tasha for information.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Greater Manchester Police officers on 101 quoting incident 2224 of January 29 2018.