Mischief Night pranksters target driver

Dash-cam footage of approaching cars after the incident
Dash-cam footage of approaching cars after the incident

A Wigan motorist has told how he almost crashed after a Mischief Night ambush of his car.

David Moakes, 50, believes it was Halloween season pranksters who flung an unidentified liquid onto his windscreen as he drove down Lees Lane, Appley Bridge, at around 8pm on Monday night.

He recalled seeing “boy racer-type” cars driving in the opposite direction and as they passed a thick porridge-like substance splattered all over the glass.

There was a dash-cam operating in his car but the substance totally obscured his view and the camera was unable to pick up the cars’ registration numbers.

Mr Moakes said: “It is an unlit road that you can do the national speed limit on, so in the dark it’s quite dangerous. If people are throwing things they have the intention and potential to do serious damage to people’s cars.

“Unfortunately I can’t get a clear view of the registration, but you can quite clearly see a hand throwing the substance when the video has been slowed down. I’ve been very lucky to not have an accident.

“But it’s sad to see people acting like this because they could end up getting themselves into serious trouble.”

The reaction on Facebook has been very mixed, Curtis Bolton said: “I say this in the nicest way possible, but don’t tarnish everyone with the same brush. Not everyone of that generation are that disrespectful, rude or abysmal.”

Yet Michelle Jones said: “Things have changed, I got a crack when I did something wrong that’s what a lot of these are short of.

“How they haven’t caused cars to crash is a miracle and the sad thing is it won’t be them that gets hurt it’ll be the driver or passengers who could be seriously hurt.”

A police spokesman said: “Throwing any objects at vehicles in motion is an extremely dangerous thing to do. Obscuring a motorist’s view with a substance to lead to their crashing. This is idiotic behaviour.”