More than 200 crimes a day

A home break in during the darker nights through a back door (posed by model)
A home break in during the darker nights through a back door (posed by model)
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POLICE officers are dealing with 233 incidents every day in Wigan borough according to the latest figures.

Greater Manchester Police also say there has been a three per cent drop in crime over the past year in the town - but sexual offences, robbery, theft and anti-social behaviour remain a concern.

The figures - released by the Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd -also revealed that 84 per cent of victims were satisfied by the service they received.

The report shows that crime levels in Wigan are below average for Greater Manchester and 90 per cent of residents have confidence in local policing.

GMP say they are working with the council, housing providers and probation services to tackle domestic violence and have established a new co-located team to protect and support victims and their children.

Work is also ongoing to strengthen Home Watch across the borough, with the establishment of Neighbourhood Health Watch to help people with health problems and support vulnerable people in the community.

Mr Lloyd said: “It’s really important that local people can make a judgement on how police are performing in their area.

“This report gives a rounded view of how policing works in Wigan. And it’s not about spin – it shows not just the things that are going well, but the areas of concern and, importantly, what police are doing about it.

“Until now, local people have really only been able to rely on statistics, which as we all know don’t really give the full picture. Under the previous Police Authority regime GMP was weighed down with performance targets. Well, I’ve done away with those and instead Wigan residents can get a more holistic view of how police are working to keep them safe.” He added that Wigan residents could also get a clear picture of what he has been doing since he’s been elected.

“I represent everyone in Greater Manchester, but this report means that local people in Wigan can see what I’ve been doing on their behalf,” he said.

Despite hefty budget cuts and fewer numbers of police officers, the overall number of crimes committed in the borough is at the lowest point ever recorded according to Government statistics.

There were 15,652 crimes recorded in the borough last year, compared to 16,299 the previous year. In 2003, the figure was 33,127 and it has fallen steadily every year since.