Motorist ploughed into home

Solvita Indriksone, 37, with the mess left from a car crashing into her house
Solvita Indriksone, 37, with the mess left from a car crashing into her house

A MAN has appeared in court after a young family narrowly escaped death after a car ploughed into the hallway of their home.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how Michael Owen, 23, had originally pleaded not guilty to a series of motoring charges relating to the crash on Plane Avenue, Worsley Hall, on July 10 2011.

But he later changed his plea to guilty after securing representation by a solicitor.

Owen had lost control of his MG Rover and it crashed through the garden wall and into the front of the house of Latvian born Solvita Indriksone, who was asleep in the house with her four children.

At the time, she told the Evening Post: “I heard a loud noise and when I stood up I saw the car had broken the front of our house. The driver tried to get the car started but couldn’t – then smoke started to come in.

“I was shouting to my children to come down and get out the back of the house, because I thought the car could explode. My son was the most scared, because he was sleeping above where the crash happened.

“You see this kind of thing on TV and I never thought it would happen to us. I don’t know what to think, I can’t believe it.”

Owen, of Vale Avenue, Horwich, ran away from the scene leaving his passenger Benjamin Higginson trapped inside with facial injuries. He was later arrested and charged with being nearly two times over the legal drink drive limit, driving without due care and attention, failing to report and accident and failing to stop after causing £18,000 of damage and causing personal injury to his passenger.

Owen, who has a previous conviction for drink driving, told police he had not been driving the vehicle and when later forensic tests showed that his DNA was on the drivers’ side airbag he said this was from another incident.

The car had been travelling at such speed that it was lodged in the hallway of the house and the damage was so severe that the whole of the front of the house had to be boarded up.

A trial date at crown court was due to be fixed but at a late stage in the case he changed his plea to guilty on all charges.

He is due to reappear at Wigan Magistrates’ Court on January 13 for sentencing until which time he was granted conditional bail.