Motorists cough up more than £86,000 in fines

SPEED cameras in Wigan have brought in more than £85,000 in fines from motorists breaking the law last year, according to new figures.

The figures were released through a Freedom of Information request from the Evening Post to Greater Manchester Police.

Greater Manchester Police has 25 fixed safety camera sites across Wigan borough. Having received £86,580 in fines in 2009/10, this works out at £3,463 per camera.

In August last year it was reported that many of the cameras could be turned off across Greater Manchester to save money.

Drivesafe, which is responsible for the cameras, alongside 10 partners including Greater Manchester Police and Her Majesty’s Courts Service say the cameras save lives.

Karen Delaney, Communications Officer for Drivesafe, says: “As a Partnership we have received strong public support for the safety camera operation in Greater Manchester.

“Research conducted highlighted that 63 per cent of Greater Manchester’s motorists think that fewer collisions are likely to happen on roads with safety cameras installed and 73 per cent believe their primary aim is to save lives.

“The Safety Camera Operation has a major impact on the reduction of KSI (killed or seriously injured) accidents in Greater Manchester. Safety camera sites have also had an impact on all accidents.

“The annual average KSI accidents at new camera sites have reduced by more than 48 per cent for the three-year period January 2007-December 2009 compared to the three years prior to the formation of the Casualty Reduction Partnership.”

When asked what the money recouped from fines will be spent on, Drivesafe confirmed it is collected by HM courts and then goes back to the Treasury.

However, they were unable to say how many cameras were working at any one time or why sites are picked.

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