Mum’s despair at drunken son's vandalism

Police probe
Police probe
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Magistrates heard a mum was concerned about the “downward spiral” her son was on, as he appeared in court for smashing up her property.

Tayla Johnson, 21, of Kennedy Close, Standish, was brought up alone by his mother Tina Moss with hardly any issues, Wigan magistrates were told.

But Ann Deakin, prosecuting, said they moved house last year and he got in with “the wrong crowd”. He got back in touch with his father, his attitude had changed “dramatically” and he was drinking at all times of day and night.

The court was told that Ms Moss heard banging from Johnson’s bedroom on Saturday, December 6 and asked what was going on. He appeared in front of her in an “intoxicated state” and was aggressive, so she phoned police and he was asked to leave.

Two hours later, she heard noises in her front garden and went to investigate. Johnson had gone back into the house, so she called police again.

When officers arrived, she showed them damage to a window and a TV in Johnson’s bedroom.

Ms Deakin read a victim impact statement in which Ms Moss said her son’s behaviour had become “very unmanageable”. He had threatened to assault any future partners she may have and even said he wished she was dead.

“I have brought him up by myself, without any help from his father, and this is how he treats me,” she said in the statement.

Johnson pleaded guilty to damaging a television and window worth £500 belonging to his mother. He also accepted breaching a conditional discharge imposed in July for assaulting a partner.

Representing himself in court, Johnson admitted he had a problem with drink and drugs and had tried to seek help. He said he had not been in contact with his friends since the incident and was due to start work after Christmas.

Magistrates decided to adjourn the hearing so a report could be prepared ahead of sentencing on January 2 and he was remanded on conditional bail.