Naked man was stabbed after a Facebook row

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A NAKED man was repeatedly stabbed with a craft knife during an attack in his girlfriend’s home by her former boyfriend and an accomplice.

Daniel Monteith and his girlfriend, Cassie Jones, had been out on December 17 to a casino in Salford with one of her friends returning to her one bedroom flat at 6 am.

The friend went to bed and the couple decided to sleep in the lounge. Before sleeping Miss Jones contacted Steven Birchall, a friend of her former boyfriend, John Noonan.

She wanted him to pass on a message to a mutual friend but Birchall was abusive to her and then Noonan came on the phone and was also abusive, said Karen Brooks, prosecuting at Liverpool Crown Court.

Mr Monteith grabbed the phone asking why they were shouting abuse and ended the call. Afterwards there were Facebook messages between the three men.

Miss Jones awoke in the flat in St Helens Road, Leigh and found Birchall and Noonan in her lounge and frightened she awoke her naked boyfriend. Noonan pointed at her and said, “I told you I would get you”.

Mr Monteith told him he would not get anyone and Noonan threatened he would kill him. Birchall moved towards him and he felt hard blows to back of his head and when he touched it he found blood on his hands.

He had been stabbed in the region of his heart and slashed across the left side of his stomach.

Birchall, 23, of West Gorton, Manchester, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent. Noonan, 20, of Gorton, admitted unlawful wounding. Birchall was jailed for 38 months and Noonan to 10 months.

Andrew Long, defending, said that Birchall seized a knife at the scene and had not taken it with him. Michael Marr, defending Noonan, said his client had not known a knife would be used.