'Name and shame' call for louts

Smithy Green at Ince
Smithy Green at Ince

An appeal has been issued to police to name and shame those carrying out anti-social behaviour plaguing shopkeepers in a borough precinct.

Traders at Smithy Green, in Ince, are getting fed-up with troublemakers congregating around the crossroads.

Neighbourhood police began their crackdown close to Bonfire Night, when they issued a two-day dispersal order, which gave them the powers to order suspected hooligans off the streets.

Now locals are being asked to go one step further and put names to faces so the worst offenders can be detained and possibly prosecuted by community officers.

This was in response to complaints from motorists, residents and businesses about fireworks being thrown in the street.

A spokesman for Wigan West Police said: "We have noticed a growing increase of anti-social behaviour within the Ince area, namely on the Smithy Green Precinct and other local establishments around the KFC.

"We would like the community to report all

incidents of anti-social behaviour within this area and where possible name those responsible.

"This is having a detrimental effect on the community and the business that have long been established in the area.

"The community policing team will take appropriate action where necessary.

"We are working closely with other agencies including the local authority to take appropriate action not only on individuals but also their associates."

Meanwhile, neighbours have claimed online the police have been repeatedly given the identities of yobs in Ince.

Kelly Tyler, on the police’s Facebook site, said: "The police have the names.

"The same group are always involved and the names are always passed back.

"At what point will the same calls about the same group of people be dealt with instead of asking the public to ring with the names as you have them?

"They have been reported for over three years and I haven’t seen any action against those named."

But police have insisted that a different collection of louts is thought to be behind the latest outrages.

Residents in Ince have also become increasingly concerned about the impact of the street drug spice this year, with a number of affected victims seen in a state of semi-collapse in and around the same precinct.

Police are urging those who can name and shame the troublemakers to contact them on the police non-emergency number, 101, or Crimestoppers, in confidence