Neighbours tell of shock after suspected murder in Wigan street

Neighbours have told of the shocking moment a woman could be heard screaming “someone’s died” just moments after a suspected murder in Wigan.

Residents living on an Ince estate have reported a “huge commotion” just before 11am yesterday (Thursday, January 25), when police were called to a flat at the top end of the street.

Police at the scene in Ince

Police at the scene in Ince

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At around 10.55am officers responded to reports that a man had died at a house on Levens Place.

Inquiries were immediately carried out to investigate the circumstances surrounding the man’s death and some time later, a 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder.

He is currently in hospital receiving treatment for an unrelated matter

A woman living close to the apartment, where the alleged murder took place, said she heard “such a commotion” coming from the corner flat before police swarmed the street.

“I heard such a commotion and I thought, ‘oh shut up”, she said. “Ten minutes later people were still screaming and shouting.

“I couldn’t get down the street for bobbies. A young girl was on the phone screaming that someone had died.

“Around 15 minutes later four people got into a taxi and disappeared somewhere. I heard someone yelling ‘they’re restraining me, they’re restraining me’. After that I basically sat watching it all day, there were so many comings and goings.”

The neighbour said that the street rarely sees “any problems” apart from the occasional Saturday night party.

“It’s a quiet area,” she added. “It’s a very quiet area. To be honest, I don’t know about the people who live up there, I just thought someone had passed away.

“You couldn’t get down the street for cop cars. There must have been 12 to 14 coppers, they were absolutely everywhere, you couldn’t turn round.”

Another resident, who also witnessed the incident, told of the “constant activity” on Levens Place throughout the day.

“It was obvious something serious had happened,” he said. “I have been coming down with a cold so I had been to bed for an hour.

“The cop car was there, I looked through the window and they were all up the street. One of my neighbours said ‘there’s been a murder’. It’s not everyday that happens, it’s nice round here.

“It’s such a shame what’s happened.”