Nine firemen are assaulted at work

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FIREFIGHTERS in Wigan were attacked nine times in the line of duty last year.

Figures released by the fire service reveal that yobs attacked firefighters in Greater Manchester 69 times in 2010.

Of the nine attacks in Wigan, three were in Abram, two were in Pemberton, and one attack occurred in Wigan, Bryn, Leigh and Tyldesley.

Alcohol was a factor in the attacks in Wigan and Pemberton.

Police were called four times in total and both paramedics and police being called to one incident in Pemberton.

Steve Sheridan, borough commander, said: “We have had a number of attacks in Wigan this year. Some have been verbal attacks and some have been more serious, that require legal action.

“We are a uniformed service, that is here to help people. Some people want to cause us issues when we are out to assist others. That is unacceptable.

“We will investigate every case with our partners at Greater Manchester Police and if need be, refer cases via the Crown Prosecution Service for a conviction under the Emergency Services Act.

“We ask people to think about the emergency services, including police and ambulance service, who are here to help people. We don’t accept abuse and we take it extremely seriously.”

Wigan had the fourth highest rate of incidents, with nine, compared with Salford who saw 14 attacks, Oldham, which reported 11 cases and Bolton’s fire services, which had 10 forms of abuse.

The attacks range from verbal abuse, to youths throwing rocks, eggs and even fireworks at working crew members.

The number of attacks was down on the previous year, which saw 106 incidents.