Police in Cumbria stop and turn around drivers heading to and from Wigan

Officers on the M6 sent one motorist back to Edinburgh as they were driving to the borough to pick up a puppy while Wiganers also got into hot water on the roads.

Monday, 11th May 2020, 10:56 am
Updated Monday, 11th May 2020, 11:08 am

The driver trying to get a new four-legged friend was so determined that they had to be stopped twice, the Cumbria Roads Police account on Twitter said.

Two fines were given before the motorist turned around and headed back up north.

Officers also stopped a car being driven from Wigan to Cumbria and told the occupants the journey could not be continued.

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Police incidents

The Twitter account did not say if they were fined or merely reprimanded before being ordered to return to the borough.

The two incidents were both posted to social media on Sunday.

Cumbria Police were also detained by residents from Wigan on Saturday as a car was stopped in Windermere.

The social media account reported the vehicle's occupants told officers they were "just out for a drive".

They were given a Covid-19 ticket and followed to make sure they left the area.

Cumbria Police have been escorting anyone trying to make non-essential journeys to areas such as the Lake District out of the county during the lockdown.

It is unclear how the force's robust approach to policing the roads will change in the coming days and weeks following prime minister Boris Johnson's announcement on Sunday night, which suggested it would become permissible to drive somewhere for exercise.