Police record 830 traffic offences on Wigan's new link road in the space of a month

Calls are growing for speed cameras to be installed on Wigan’s new link road after police recorded no fewer than 830 traffic offences on it in a month.

Westwood Way has become a magnet for car enthusiasts who, at quiet times of the day, use it as an impromptu race track.

But it is clear from latest police figures that all manner of motorists have been taking little notice of the 40mph limit on the carriageway between Westwood and Goose Green.

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Greater Manchester Police Traffic reported: “In the past month the traffic PCSOs have been conducting speed enforcement on the A49 Westwood Way, Wigan, due to ongoing complaints from the public.

The A49 Westwood Way link road
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"The site has been visited eight times at various times of the day and 830 offences have been recorded with 83mph being the fastest recorded.”

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Wigan Police’s district commander, Chief Supt Emily Higham, went down to the road to meet some of the officers taking part in the enforcement.

It was reported on GMP Wigan West that 15 fixed penalty notices were handed out in the space of just one hour.

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Wigan district commander, Chief Supt Emily Higham (right) on Westwood Way with the Tutor Unit enforcing traffic speeding regulations

A spokesperson said: “This highlights the issues and commitment from GMP to reduce the number of inconsiderate and speeding drivers on that road.”

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One driver who regularly uses the road told Wigan Today: “You see so many motorists flooring it when they get onto that stretch.

"It’s nice and straight and even has a rollercoaster feel to it so you can see why there’s temptation to some.

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"But it’s dangerous and if ever there was a candidate for speed cameras, it’s this road.