Police want to train Wiganers how to spot concealed knives. Can you see one on this picture?

Can you spot it?
Can you spot it?

A new knife amnesty is to be held in Wigan as locals are also trained how to spot hidden blades.

As part of a major crackdown, Greater Manchester Police is hoping to train the public to be extra pairs of eyes by learning how to spot blades concealed by crooks either for disposal or, more likely, future use.

Well concealed - the knife hidden in the fence

Well concealed - the knife hidden in the fence

The force is asking folk to spot the hidden knife across a series of images, which are being uploaded throughout this week.

During the week, anyone who visits GMP’s social media accounts will see an image where they can spot the hidden knife. In the afternoon the knife will be revealed in a second image to highlight how easy it is to miss hidden ones.

Supporting Operation Sceptre, the campaign will run alongside GMP’s operations taking place, which will target hotspot areas and will see 10 knife amnesty bins placed around Greater Manchester for anyone to get rid of their knife.

One will be in place at Wigan Police HQ over the next seven days

Knife-crime is a fear for many communities and GMP says it is aware of knives’ being hidden in public places and used for crime, rather than being carried by the offender.

The effects of knife-crime are far-reaching and don’t only impact the offender, but also families and wider communities. If you are caught carrying a knife for a second time you will face a mandatory custodial sentence.

Supt Chris Downey said: “We are aware of the tactics people use in an attempt to hide their knives and our officers are very successful in recovering weapons while they are out on patrol. The hidden knife campaign is to give Greater Manchester communities the understanding and awareness of what GMP officers are dealing with every day, while also increasing awareness of where knives could potentially be hidden.

“To ensure police and partner resources are targeted in the communities where they are needed most, we are asking the public to be aware and report any knife sightings to us in order to reduce the circulation of weapons.”

If you have concerns about someone you know or care about who is carrying or hiding a knife, or if you are aware that knives are being concealed in your community, call the Police on 101 or talk to us via LiveChat at www.gmp.police.uk

Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester Bev Hughes said: “Knife crime causes misery to victims, their loved ones and the wider community and we all have a responsibility to prevent it. In Greater Manchester, police, local authorities, youth services, health, education and schools, as well as other criminal justice partners are working together with our communities to tackle this issue.”