Policeman headbutted

A FULL-TIME carer tried to headbutt a police officer after he was woken up late at night and arrested on suspicion of assault.

Roy Green, 48, admitted headbutting a policeman after he was arrested on suspicion of assaulting the 86-year-old woman he cares for.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how officers were called to a “domestic dispute” on Bentham Road in Standish at 10pm on March 7 and, on arrival, were told by the bruised 86-year-old that Green had “beaten her black and blue”.

Jayne Kearsley, prosecuting, told how the defendant, who was naked, became abusive after officers woke him up in his bed and told him he was under arrest.

When the officers momentarily removed his handcuffs so that he could get dressed, Green squared up to one of the policemen and threatened to “bang them all out”.

The PCs then restrained and handcuffed him, but Green kicked out. He continued to be abusive and, as he was removed from the house, he also hurled abuse at the elderly complainant.

Then, as they tried to put him in a police van, he complained that his trousers were falling down and thrust his head backwards towards one of the officers’ faces.

The PC managed to avoid being butted in the face and Green instead made contact with his right shoulder. In response, the officer delivered a single open-palmed strike to the top of the defendant’s head.

In a police interview Green explained that he had endured a stressful day caring for the 86-year-old.

He said he thought he was simply defending himself after waking up dazed and confused and that he had only aimed a headbutt at one of the officers because he was “so pumped up”.

Graham Simpson, defending, explained that no assault on the 86-year-old had actually occurred but conceded that his client’s judgement had been impaired that night by the amount of alcohol he had drunk.

Green, of Bentham Road, Standish, then broke down in tears in the dock as his solicitor revealed how this fracas had brought back flashbacks of a previous incident in which the defendant had been attacked with an axe.

Mr Simpson added that Green, who himself sustained a number of injuries during the arrest, was “genuinely remorseful”.

Magistrates gave him a suspended 16-week jail sentence, ordered him to undergo a 12-month period of supervision and complete 60 hours of unpaid work, to pay £210 towards prosecution costs and £50 compensation to the victim.