Shop assistant’s terrifying ordeal

Crime story
Crime story

A WIGAN woman who broke a shop assistant’s nose and bit a PCSO’s arm has been banned from a town centre store.

Linda Mary Dempsey pleaded guilty to two charges of assault at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court this week.

Bodyshop worker Angela Harrison had to have her nose re-set after the attack and was granted a restraining order against the defendant.

Dempsey of Scot Lane, Wigan, barged into Ms Harrison “for no apparent reason” on February 2 of this year, the court heard.

Mike Ardern, prosecuting, said: “Angela Harrison recognised the defendant as someone who had caused trouble before.

“After she had barged into her the complainant told her ‘she would report her’.”

The defendant began shouting and told Ms Harrison she was going to knock her glasses off, the court heard.

Mr Ardern added: “She punched her to the face, knocking her glasses to the ground.

“A member of the public came to Ms Harrison’s assistance and she admits that she swung out in self-defence as she felt that her safety had been threatened.

“Dempsey then approached her again and punched her, this time to the right eye before security officers separated the two.”

The court then heard that when a PCSO – who was on patrol in The Galleries shopping centre – arrived, Dempsey spat at him and when he attempted to restrain her she punched him in the groin.

She later bit him on the arm. Ms Harrison suffered a corneal abrasion to her right eye and had her nose re-set following the attack.

She has since suffered from psychological effects and takes medication, Mr Ardern added.

Martin Jones, defending, said that although the restraining order preventing contact with the complainant was appropriate, Dempsey should not be banned from all of The Galleries, as was requested by the prosecution.

He added: “This case has dragged on for three months now and my client has adhered by her bail conditions which prevent her from contacting Angela Harrison or entering Bodycare.”

The presiding magistrate told Dempsey: “We accept your mental health issues but you cannot behave in this way and there has to be a punishment.” Dempsey was ordered to pay a £10 fine and compensation of £350 was granted to Angela Harrison.

The restraining orders will be in place for six months while Dempsey will also be subject to receive mental health treatment and supervision.