Sleeping motorist nabbed car thief

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A MAN was subjected to a citizen’s arrest after throwing a brick at a car window, unaware that a man was sleeping inside.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard Ryan Green, 29, threw a brick through the window of a Fiat Panda parked in the back yard of Frankie and Benny’s in Wigan, with the intention of stealing about £300 worth of items which were inside car at the time.

However, the plan was foiled as Green was unaware that there was someone dozing in the driver’s seat at the time, who was woken by a loud bang and found Green’s head poking through the front passenger window.

The man, who had been asleep in the car, detained Green with the assistance of a friend, and kept him in the restaurant until he was arrested.

Green was then forced to hand himself into police for voluntary breach of his bail conditions after he was told he could not stay at the house where his mother lives, in Bramble Grove, Worsley Hall, and was left with nowhere to go.

Green told police he had not intended to steal anything, but admitted throwing the brick through the window and said he was depressed because his sister was in hospital after a serious road accident. He cried as his previous history and personal circumstances were read to the court. He pleaded guilty to attempted theft and breaching the terms of a bail order.

The court was told Green has 30 convictions for 78 offences, and was a persistent young offender before managing to stay out of the judicial system from 2007 until earlier this year.

Patrick Heald, defending, said Green’s was a sad case, and told the court he was forced to push for a custodial sentence as there were no suitable hostels where the defendant could be housed while a report was prepared.

Mr Heald said: “He remembers little of the incident, and is unclear about why he broke the window. It was an act of desperation.

“He has problems with the misuse of drugs, and his health problems make him unfit to do unpaid work. Without an address he cannot abide by the conditions of any order the court could make, and I therefore ask for a short period in custody, which will enable him to access the assistance he needs. It is hard to conceive of a more miserable state of affairs.”

Green was sentenced to six weeks in prison for attempted theft, reduced to four in acknowledgement of his early guilty plea, and was told there would be no further action taken concerning his breach of bail conditions.