Summer drink drive warning

Don't drink and drive
Don't drink and drive

A CRACK down on drink drivers is well under way in Wigan borough with police having already stopped thousands of motorists this summer.

As part of the national initiative, officers carried out 4,910 breath tests, of which 252, or five per cent, were positive.

Five hundred and fifty tests were carried out after collisions, and five people were found to be under the influence of drugs following roadside tests.

The work forms part of GMP’s road safety campaign, Dicing with Death, which was set up after 75 people lost their lives on the roads of Greater Manchester in 2011. This compared to 53 the previous year: an increase of 42 per cent.

Inspector John Armfield, GMP’s lead on drink driving, said: “With the warmer weather and longer evenings there is the temptation for people to have one or two drinks outside after work and then drive home, but this is exactly the type of scenario that can lead to drink driving.

“Although this was a summer initiative, the advice to motorists is the same throughout the year – if you are having a drink, do not drive, and make alternative arrangements to get home, as that way you won’t endanger anyone’s life on the road.

“Words cannot describe the enormous impact on families who lose loved ones through drink or drug driving, and we will continue to do all we can to bring down the number of casualties.”

Among the tactics employed to tackle drink-driving this year, officers will be carrying out breath tests at check points across the borough and targeting drivers where intelligence suggests they may be offenders.

Motorists will also be educated on the dangers of drink driving and the penalties for doing so.

People should report drink drivers by calling 999 in an emergency. If it is not an emergency, but you suspect someone of doing this, call 101.