Teen injured as yobs pelt him with eggs

Mischief aplenty
Mischief aplenty

A teenage boy was pelted with eggs as he rode his bike home on Monday night leaving him with minor injuries.

Incidents of this nature peaked as scores took part in “mischief night”, an evening where children and teens typically engage in minor pranks and acts of vandalism.

The secondary school boy was cycling through Orrell at around 8.20pm when a car full of youngsters aged around 18 to 19 approached and launched a full carton of eggs at him as they passed.

As well as being shocked”by the incident, the youngster received injuries where the box hit chin and neck.

His mum took to Facebook to appeal for information to stop anymore children from being hurt. She said: “Did anyone else have a similar experience or spot a car driving round chucking eggs at people?

“He didn’t even get a description of the car as he was so shocked. I would like to report them to the police if possible to prevent another child being attacked like this tonight. This could have been much worse if he had fallen off his bike- it’s dangerous behaviour.”

Reports also flooded in of similar incidents outside KFC, where a group of teens stood “egging” cars as they drove past.

Wigan residents are outraged by the incidents, calling for an end to the “scary” and “idiotic” behaviour.

Helen Ellis posted to Facebook saying: “This mischief night has a lot to answer for. I hope someone has seen the car as I know the police were saying they will be clamping down this year and taking any incidents seriously”.

To report anti-social behaviour contact police on 101.