Teenage girl drank six litres of cider in a day

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A WIGAN teenager drank more than three times the recommended weekly limit of alcohol in just one day, a court heard.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how Laura Farrimond of Ormkskirk Road was caught in Asda by security staff eating food without paying and attempting to leave the store with items concealed in her coat on January 31.

When arrested she told officers, she did not know what she was doing as she had drank around six litres of cider.

On the previous day, the 18-year-old had assaulted a former friend Michaela Dewhurst, punching and kicking her to the ground after drinking around two litres of cider.

Farrimond pleaded guilty to both offences and was given a conditional discharge for 12 months.

She was ordered to pay £100 compensation and court costs of £100.

Prosecuting, Jane Kearsley said: “Miss Dewhurst was on Beech Hill Lane at around 8pm when the defendant approached her from behind and called her.

“When the victim tried to walk off, the defendant grabbed her and pulled her hair hard. Miss Dewhurst told officers that the defendant punched and kicked her around four times.

“She says that her assault on Miss Dewhurst was so she could get her back after what she did to her. The defendant was walking home along the canal one night when she was pushed into the canal by two lads, she seems to think Miss Dewhurst was there at the time.”

Ms Kearsley also added that at around 12.45am the following day, Farrimond was caught on CCTV eating from a packet of ham at Asda supermarket.

After discarding the ham on a shelf, she picked up some more ham and prawn crackers to the value of £5.35 and hid them under her clothes.

Defending, Karen Schofield said: “My client admits the theft because she was drunk and she accepts that she had committed the assault but denies punching Miss Dewhurst.

“She and Miss Dewhurst had been friends for some time but had fallen out. She is only young and she accepts that she consumed alcohol and wants to make it clear that this is by no means an excuse. She does not have a drink problem.”