Teenager behind bars

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A TEENAGER who went into the drugs world thinking it was glamorous has been put behind bars.

James Fagan’s lawyer told Liverpool Crown Court that his first introduction to drugs was cannabis and then cocaine.

Bernadette Baxter said: “This is doubtless a familiar picture to these courts. He went in thinking it was exciting and glamorous but now realises from the situation he and his family are in that it is far from that.”

“He is terrified at the prospect of having to remain in custody for a lengthy time. He has turned a corner and when he comes out he has resolved to stay away from crime.”

Fagan, 19, of Ruabon Crescent, Hindley Green, Wigan, pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine with intent to supply.

Harry Pepper, prosecuting, told the court that police raided his home on September 10, They searched his bedroom and under his bed found a beer box and a safe.

Inside the safe was £3,020 cash and a dealer’s tick list. In the box various bags of cocaine were found, with a street value of £3,774. Officers also found digital scales, mobile phones and other drug-dealing paraphernalia.

The court heard that an air pistol was also found but Mr Pepper told the judge that police had decided not to charge Fagan with possessing it as it was not in working order.

When interviewed Fagan said he had a £300 cocaine debt and had been asked to mind the items for a few weeks to pay off the debt. He said that people climbed into his room two or three times a day to access the items and they had a key for a safe.

The court heard that Fagan has previous convictions for robbery and possessing ecstasy.

Sentencing him to two years detention Judge Brian Lewis said Fagan came from a good family but had lost his way.

He said: “As a dealer you have taken part in this trade and that is why you must face a custodial sentence.It doesn’t really matter whether you were a trusted custodian or actually going out on the streets yourself and selling it. What 19-year-old lad has a safe in his bedroom?”