Thug jailed for battering partner in street

A Wigan man has been jailed for punching his girlfriend five times and kicking her in the head during an alcohol-fuelled row.

Thursday, 27th July 2017, 11:56 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:13 pm
Wigan and Leigh Magistrates' Court

Brendan Coleman left his partner battered and bruised during the booze-led rage, throwing punches and kicks and even venting his anger on a stranger who came to her aid in the street.

He was sentenced at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court to 16 weeks custody, half of which will be a jail term, after the courtroom heard the brutal details of the incident.

The court was told that Coleman, of Sussex Close in Hindley, had been drinking heavily with his then-partner at his sister’s house.

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The couple had reportedly drunk five pints of beer each, followed by two Jagerbombs, and several more pints of cider.

The pair were asked to leave the property by the homeowner, Coleman’s sister, after a heated argument resulted in the woman hitting Coleman in the face.

The prosecution told magistrates: “He (Coleman) concedes there was an argument, and she slapped him.

“Having left, she walked away, and he went to catch up with her. He punches her a few times and she falls to the ground. He then kicks her.”

In total, Coleman delivered five blows to the woman’s head, before kicking her in her head, arms and face.

She sustained a black eye, cuts to her head and multiple abrasions to the side of her body.

The thug’s outburst continued when a good Samaritan came to his partner’s aid after witnessing the attack.

Coleman branded the brave stranger “a paedo” and hurled abuse at him as he took the lady into his home.

Coleman’s solicitor Peter Moran argued that the lack of serious injuries was in contrast to the descriptions of the prosecution.

Mr Moran said: “The relationship has descended into an alcoholic one and has resulted in an argument in the street.

“He (Coleman) is a man who is disadvantaged. There are indications that he is in treatment for his low emotional wellbeing.

“He is a man with no previous convictions, who loses his good name here today. He has not been in court before and is not in debt to society.”

He added: “This is a relationship that has run its course and is very unlikely to be rekindled.”

But justices took a different view of the matter, telling Coleman: “We are very concerned about this offence. This was a sustained attack and was committed in domestic circumstances.”

As well as the jail term, Coleman was ordered to pay compensation of £250, a victim surcharge of £115, and was given a two year restraining order against his ex-partner.