Truant Wigan pupils’ parents fail to show up at court

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court
Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court

A handful of Wigan parents have been fined thousands of pounds in total after failing to turn up to their children’s truancy hearings.

Magistrates heard four cases this week of parents who have failed to send their youngsters to school and then failed to pay the fines they have incurred.

One couple, Shaun and Stacey Boyland of Anderton Street in Ince have been ordered to pay £826 each after their five-year-old daughter received just 66 per cent attendance last year from February to July.

The little girl, who lives just a five minute walk from St Williams Catholic Primary School, has only attended one and a half days this term, with 12 authorised absences (half days) and 14 unauthorised absences.

After failing to show for their court hearing the pair, aged 38 and 31 respectively, were ordered to pay a £660 fine each as well as £100 costs and £66 victim surcharge.

Emma Benbow-Riley of Elliot Avenue, who also did not appear in court, was given the same sentence for failing to ensure her 15-year-old son attended school.

The bench heard how the teen, a student at Golborne High School, received an attendance of 72.8 per cent last term and has so far only turned up to three quarters of his classes this year.

Angela Cherry of Snowden Avenue, also received the £826 sentence after her teenage daughter failed to show for more than a quarter of the school time last year. This year, however, she has 100 per cent attendance.

Finally, Marie Hudson of Coronation Avenue in Atherton received a lighter sentence because her son received more than 90 per cent attendance. Wigan Council chose to proceed with the prosecution because he had 26 “late” markings on his file from last term.

Hudson was given a £60 fine and ordered to pay £30 in victim surcharge and £50 in costs.