Two injured in massive brawl

Potters Bar in Standish
Potters Bar in Standish

POLICE have revealed they were called to more than 250 incidents in Wigan in 12 hours as we celebrated the New Year.

Between 6pm on New Year’s Eve and 6am on New Year’s Day, there were 268 incidents reported to Wigan Police.

For the whole date of December 31, there were 217 incidents reported.

One of the more serious incidents was a massive brawl outside Potters Bar, Church Street, in Standish, which resulted in one man suffering a head injury after being struck by a glass.

The 20-year-old man was taken to Wigan Infirmary and was given stitches to the back of his head after he was hit with a glass bottle and a 28-year-old man suffered cuts as he was punched in the face.

A spokesman from Greater Manchester Police said the injured men had not made a formal complaint and they are no longer looking into the matter.

He said: “At 12.40am on Sunday, police were called to an on-going fight outside a pub in Standish. Nobody was seriously injured but two men received hospital treatment for minor injuries and were later discharged.

“Unfortunately, this appears to be a typical New Year’s Eve fight.

“There was no CCTV and those involved were unco-operative. No complaints have been made, so there is nothing to investigate.

“At New Year’s Eve we always get more fights and incidents to attend, but Wigan is no different to anywhere else in the country.”

But witnesses were horrified at what they saw. One Standish businessman, who did not wish to be named, said; “This was the worst incident that I have ever seen. There was a gang of about 30 people causing havoc in Potters Bar and were forced to leave.

“One man picked up a piece of wood, maybe a baseball bat, and the fight carried on outside. It then spilled outside the Horse Shoe pub nearby.”

Another onlooker told the Evening Post: “I saw a group running up the street and one of the men hit someone.

“I think someone got hit by a baseball bat too.

“One man collapsed on the floor with his head cut.”

Another passerby, who witnessed the incident, said: “It was awful. Standish was covered in police.

“Bits of broken bottle were used, somebody used a stick and people were punching each other.”

Ward councillor George Fairhurst was also disturbed by the attack.

He said: “We don’t want this sort of thing happening in Standish. This kind of behaviour needs to be stopped before it becomes a regular occurrence.”