Victim unconscious after attack by gang

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A YOUTH who was involved in a vicious attack on a younger boy has been put behind bars for six months.

The 15-year-old victim was with a friend when they encountered a gang of about 10-15 youths in Sandy Lane, Orrell, at about 11pm.

They were asked for cigarettes and when they replied they did not have any and started to walk off the boys were surrounded.

Mr Harry Pepper, prosecuting, said: “Lewis Rimmer said to the 15-year-old ‘look at the sky’ and then hit him in the face.”

Another youth joined in and started punching him and the boy ran off but Rimmer ran after him, grabbed hold of him and swung him around.

The boy was then kicked on the legs from behind by another gang member and fell to the floor where he was kicked and punched by Rimmer and a companion.

They then left him but the youth who had initially joined in with Rimmer ran back and kicked him to the head leaving him unconscious, said Mr Pepper.

His friend, who had also been assaulted by the gang, carried him to a nearby house and the occupants called police and ambulance. He had a painful cut to his head and a badly-bruised left eye but had not suffered any fractures.

When arrested and quizzed Rimmer, who was then 17, said he had been drinking and was “blitzed”. He admitted he had “lost it” and had been screaming in the lad’s face and attacked him.

He accepted punching him on the floor about five times.

“He said alcohol makes me angry and he does not usually drink that much,” said Mr Pepper.

Rimmer, now 18, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm on April 9. The court heard that he has previous convictions but none for violence and has never received a custodial sentence.

Mr Michael Hagerty, defending, said that Rimmer had had a difficult family background. It had been a drink fuelled incident but mercifully the injuries were not serious, although painful.

Judge John Roberts sentenced him to six months detention which will mean his almost immediate release because of the time he has already spent in custody and under a curfew.