Weather leads to rise in trouble as arrests soar

Crime story
Crime story

SCORES of Wiganers were locked up over the weekend as soaring temperatures and tempers led to record levels of arrests.

Police chiefs blamed the hot weather for the surge in trouble which saw 274 people arrested across Greater Manchester over the weekend in which temperatures reached 25 degrees centigrade.

The majority of offences were alcohol-related say Greater Manchester Police and the number of arrests led to the overcrowding of cells across the region.

On Sunday morning, assistant chief constable Gary Sherwin tweeted: “The challenge is freeing up cell capacity. Currently 176 people in custody which is higher than NYE I think! Good weather and drink!”

The news prompted the police and crime commissioner for Greater Manchester, Tony Lloyd, to issue a warning.

He said: “One of the issues we do have is that with good weather people have too much to drink.

“It’s an unacceptable number of people who decided to let the weekend, the drink and the hot weather get to them.

“Domestic violence is unacceptable if the weather if hot or cold.”

Despite a number of high profile events in the region including the Super League Magic Weekend, the City Games and the Great Manchester Run, Mr Lloyd said the incidents surrounding the big events were minimal.