Wigan family bid to stop daughter's killer making fresh bid for freedom

Sheila and Trevor Fairhurst with a picture of their beloved Carly
Sheila and Trevor Fairhurst with a picture of their beloved Carly

A savage double killer could be back on the streets within weeks again - but this time one of his Wigan victims’ families can try to stop him.

Darren Pilkington, jailed for the manslaughters of Paul Akister and Carly Fairhurst six years apart, has twice been re-incarcerated for breaching the terms of his release in relation to the second killing.



But following another parole hearing last month, Carly’s parents Trevor and Sheila have learnt he has been recommended for release.

The Hindley couple have long felt the 35-year-old has had more than enough chances and by now should be permanently incarcerated.

Until now there has been nothing victims’ families can do about the board’s verdict.

But under news laws - introduced after “black cab rapist” John Worboys’ almost successful bid for release was reversed by the board when it was revealed that he had not been punished properly for a raft of other sex attacks - families can now express views on the outcome.

Mr Fairhurst said he wasn’t holding out too much hope that their objections would make a difference, but at least welcomed the opportunity.

The couple will be sent copies of the parole board’s stated reasons for allowing Pilkington out. They are then entitled to oppose the decision either on a point of law or if they feel it is irrational.

Mr Fairhurst said: “We don’t know what it was that led to Pilkington’s last bail breach and, at the moment, we do not know on what ground the parole board feel that he is fit for release.

“As far as we are concerned, he has had more than enough chances and should now be kept behind bars. Each time this happens, we have to go through a new wave of emotional trauma.

“If he had kept his nose clean the first time he was let out, we could have moved on but he just keeps proving he’s an incorrigible criminal and will always be a danger to the public.”

Pilkington would be released under the same conditions as last time, which includes being forbidden from contacting the Faihursts or entering Wigan borough. He can use social media, however, which is how the family knew that the last time he was out he was living in Accrington.