Wigan man terrorised by group of youths

Yobs have been targeting a house on Silverdale Road in Kitt Green
Yobs have been targeting a house on Silverdale Road in Kitt Green

A Wigan resident has made shocking claims having his life made a misery for weeks by a gang of youths committing anti-social behaviour.

The man, who we are not naming, says stones and bottles have been pelted at the windows and front door of his home on Silverdale Road in Kitt Green.

He said the trouble began last month and has continued periodically in the weeks since, with the incidents leaving him frightened to leave his house.

The Wigan Post also understands that Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have been called about the anti-social behaviour on at least four occasions, with two log reference numbers being given out.

The resident said: “I’ve had eggs and stones thrown at the house. Some evenings it is non-stop, it’s unbelievable.

“Once they threw a glass bottle which got stuck in the door.

“There have been nights where it’s just one stone after another after another being thrown at the windows at the front and back of the house.

“I’m frightened of going home now. My nerves are shot. I’m assuming when I go home it will start up again. One night recently it was going on from about 5pm until around 9pm.

“I sit down in the evening and I’m just waiting for the sound of stones being thrown. Nothing’s happened yet but I’m waiting for one of them to go through.

“I just want it stopping. It’s getting beyond a joke. They just seem to be getting away with it.”

The resident says he believes around half a dozen youths, the majority of them boys, are causing the trouble in the area.

He said police spoke to him and issued him with a long number after the initial outbreak of anti-social behaviour in mid-September.

He spoke to them again last week and was issued with a separate log number.

He claimed he rang the force on two successive days just a few days before GMP responded to his most recent plea for an intervention.