Wigan retail park ban for violent shoplifting granny who attacked three people

A gran has been banned from a Wigan retail park after shoplifting and attacking three people, including the bobby trying to arrest her.

Tuesday, 20th November 2018, 11:44 am
Updated Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 10:29 am
Robin Park retail park

Wigan justices heard 50-year-old Jane A’Hearne went to Sports Direct at Robin Park to buy clothes for her son, who was in jail.

But a sensor sounded when she tried to leave and an employee said she needed to check security tags had been removed from her items.

The employee thought A’Hearne was under the influence and said she seemed confused when asked to go back in, the court heard. She initially said she had left her receipt at the till, but the employee realised she had not paid.

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Robin Park retail park

Katie Beattie, prosecuting, said some were damaged where she had tried to remove the tags and she was wearing a coat with a tag attached to it. Staff took A’Hearne to a till so she could pay for the damaged items, but her card was declined.

They decided to ban her but when the employee went to take a picture of her, A’Hearne punched her. The court heard the victim was “shaken and taken aback” by the incident and reluctant to challenge shoplifters in future.

A’Hearne started to walk away and the employee called security, Ms Beattie said. A security guard attended but A’Hearne swore and punched him. Police arrived and arrested A’Hearne, but when an officer tried to restrain her, she kicked his leg.

A’Hearne was taken into police custody and tested positive for cocaine. Quizzed by police, she said she had taken a drugs overdose the day before but felt okay and had gone shopping to buy items for her incarcerated son.

She said she had money in her bank account and would have paid when security stopped her, Ms Beattie said.

A’Hearne, of Lambton Street, Pemberton, pleaded guilty to stealing clothes worth £112 and the three assaults. She told a probation officer she could not remember much of what happened and was not aware she had injured anyone.

But she said she was sorry and seemed to be ashamed of what she had done. She had mental health issues and received a lot of support from her two adult daughters, the court heard.

Magistrates imposed a 26-week curfew, from 7pm to 7am, and issued an order barring A’Hearn from Robin Retail Park for three months. She was ordered to pay compensation of £111.98 to Sports Direct, as well as £50 to each of the three victims, and a victim surcharge of £85.