Wigan teenagers jailed for beating, robbing and kidnapping a 'friend'

Four Wigan teens are behind bars after beating, robbing and kidnapping a 17-year-old before forcing him to strip naked in a 'humiliating and frightening' revenge attack.

Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 9:38 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 1:58 pm
Luis Prates
Luis Prates

A Bolton Crown Court judge Judge Graeme Smith heard how Hindley 19-year-olds Luis Prates and Daniel Cadman, 18-year-old Joshua Cadman and a 17-year-old boy who cannot be identified and will be called X, carried out the heinous act in March this year on one of their longstanding “friends”.

The court heard how their victim had been walking home from a friend’s after midnight when he was approached by a Corsa carrying all four defendants.

Daniel Cadman, who was driving at the time, stopped the vehicle beside him, remaining in the car while the other three got out to speak to the victim.

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Luis Prates

Prosecuting, Andrew Mackintosh said, “They began to assault him, punching him in the side of the head, in his neck and in the back of his head and again in the face.

“He fell to the floor and was kicked in the ribs and was dragged into the back of the car and forced into the boot.”

The court heard how the defendant was driven around in the boot of the car for a short while before being dragged out, beaten again and thrown back into the boot.

During the journey he could hear his captors talking about his association with a boy called “Chris” and how he should not have been “associating” with him.

Daniel Cadman

Joshua Cadman later told probation workers that the attack was “payback” and that he wanted to “teach him a lesson”.

“He was driven away to another area,” added Mr Mackintosh. “The three dragged him again out of the boot. They told him to strip. He said he wouldn’t.

They told him to take his clothes off or he would get a kicking.

“He undressed, taking all of his clothes off including his trainers. He was then assaulted again, punched and kicked while he was on the ground.

Joshua Cadman

“He was able to get up and run off.”

The youngster was forced to vault a fence during his escape, all the while he was naked, Judge Smith heard.

His iPhone, which had been in his pocket when he stripped, was left with the defendants at the scene - but they threw his house keys at him as he made to run off.

The victim was then given a shelter by a local couple at their home. His iPhone and clothes were never recovered.

He told the prosecution that since the attack, he has had recurring nightmares of being back in the boot of the car, suffers panic attacks and feels “isolated” from social events because the defendants know his friends.

Despite Prates, X and Joshua Cadman all pleading guilty to actual bodily harm, robbery and kidnap, Daniel Cadman denied the first two charges - pleas which were accepted by the prosecution.

All maintained they had arranged to meet up with their victim and that the incident had only happened when an argument broke out on the night.

The evening after the assault, police were alerted to a car being driven by Prates. As they attempted to pull it over, Prates, who was accompanied by Joshua Cadman and X, drove off at speeds of 60mph before crashing. He was arrested for dangerous driving and driving with no licence or insurance.

The other two occupants fled the scene but later handed themselves in and were arrested.

Defending Joshua Cadman, Helen Longworth told the court her defendant is of “very low intellect and maturity” with a number of learning difficulties.

“His adult life could go one of two ways. He could have the help he needs or he could become one of the most vulnerable subjects to the influences of a group of incarcerated and experienced adult offenders.”

Prates and both Cadman brothers were described as individuals of “previous good character” who “did not understand the seriousness of the offence”.

Addressing the teens Judge Smith said: “The victim was facing four people therefore was in a position where he was totally powerless to resist,” he said.

He was humiliated, firstly by being forced into the boot of a car and secondly by being forced to strip naked.”

Juvenile X was sentenced to 18 months in a detention and training centre.

Prates was sentenced to 30 months for kidnap, robbery, ABH and dangerous driving. The youngster, originally of Lord Street, Hindley, but now of Pedder Street, Bolton, was also banned from driving for 27 months.

Joshua Cadman, who is believed to have initiated the attack on the teen and has recently been resident of a Leigh homeless shelter, was jailed for 28 months. His brother, of Grasmere Avenue, will serve 25 months for kidnap.