Wigan woman's warning after town centre stalker terror

A photograph of the man, taken by Hannah Jennings
A photograph of the man, taken by Hannah Jennings

A young Wigan woman is urging people to be on their guard in the town centre after she was stalked by a stranger who reportedly took photographs of her on his phone.

Hannah Jennings, a former St John Rigby student, took to social media after a terrifying encounter with a mysterious man, who she says followed her for at least 20 minutes as she weaved through the town centre trying to evade him.

According to Hannah, who was disturbed enough by the encounter to seek help from two patrolling police officers; the man waited for her outside a shop and later proceeded to take flash photographs of her as she waited for her train.

In a warning on social media, she described her encounter, saying: “I’ve just been followed from McDonald’s in Wigan, all round Wigan near Casino de Cuba and to the train station for 20 minutes.

“I went into Mccolls to buy something and he waited for me near just outside the shop, all the while on his phone.

“After I realised I was being followed I went and sat down at the bus stop to wait for my train near Picasso’s takeaway on King Street West where I thought I had got rid of him.

“He then emerged from the corner near Wigan Wallgate and walked down and sat down a few feet away from me.

“As these pictures show, he then proceeded to take a picture of me with flash on. Luckily I ran to the train station and there were two police officers there to help me.

“If anyone is around there or going to be around there tonight please just be careful.”

The alleged incident took place on Monday, at around 8pm.

Eye witnesses have reported seeing police officers outside the station around the time of the incident but no information has been released regarding any arrests.