Wigan's week in court

Round-up of people brought before local magistrates ...

By Staff reporters
Thursday, 23rd December 2021, 10:51 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd December 2021, 10:55 am

A man who was found with drugs and a knuckleduster after being stopped by police while riding a scooter while banned and uninsured has been spared an immediate jail term. Sean Prescott, 26, of Warrington Road, Abram, had stood before Wigan justices to plead guilty to the offences committed while riding a Lexmoto Enigma on Elm Avenue, Newtown, on October 12. Appearing before a Bolton Crown Court judge, he was given a total of 32 weeks’ custody, but the term was suspended for 18 months. Prescott must also complete 30 days of rehabilitation activities and 120 hours of unpaid work, and he was given a 12-month driving ban after which he must take an extended driving test if he wants to return to the road.

A motorist has been hit with a year-old road ban after testing positive for cannabis at the wheel. Colin Dalling, 53, of Richmond Road, Hindley Green, appeared before Wigan justices to plead guilty to the single charge of having an excess of the class B substance in his system when police stopped a Ford Transit on Seamans Way, Ince, on December 3 last year. He also has £319 to pay in the form of a fine, costs and a victim services surcharge.

A borough pensioner has walked free from court after a jury cleared him of sex offences involving a school pupil up to a decade ago. Thomas Litherland, 71, of Chelford Drive, Tyldesley, had been charged with sexually abusing the girl - who was aged between four and seven at the time - and of forcing her to perform two lewd acts. The crimes were alleged to have taken place between March 2010 and June 2012. But following a trial at Bolton Crown Court, Mr Litherland was found not guilty of all three charges within two hours of the jury being sent out. The judge informed him that he was free to go.

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Wigan and Leigh court

A 28-year-old man is awaiting his fate after admitting he attacked a police officer. Wigan magistrates heard that Aaron Pagett, of Sydney Street, Platt Bridge, assaulted emergency worker PC Roxburgh on December 5 by beating her. A pre-sentence report will be prepared before he returns to the court on December 23.

Legal efforts to recoup the ill-gotton gains of a Wigan grandad who kept thousands of pounds owed to two grieving families have been delayed after he suffered a stroke. Alan Carson, of Longden Road, Ashton, described himself as a “senior legal consultant” and offered his services as an advisor or facilitator in connection with wills, probate and the estates of people who had died. But he actually had no legal qualifications and was hiding his financial problems from his clients. He withheld cash from his victims to prop up his failing business.

A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing was due to be held this month in a bid to assess Carson’s assets and see what, if anything, could be recovered for his victims. But a hearing at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester heard that he had suffered a stroke and so an adjournment was sought.

Carson traded using four corporate titles - Bespoke Legal Services, Bespoke Probate Services, Bespoke Execution and Trustee Services, and Ashton Law. Adam Watkins, prosecuting at the original case, said Carson’s companies were in “significant financial difficulty” by 2017. The court heard Gary Roscoe found a will prepared by Bespoke Legal Services after the death of his mother Renee Roscoe in 2017, in which he was the sole beneficiary and Carson was the trustee. He met Carson and agreed he could have power of attorney and professional fees of just under £2,000. Carson told him he was legally required to hold £3,000 from the estate to cover any outstanding matters, with the money due to be returned later. Mrs Roscoe had savings of £76,000 and when her son had still not received it after 12 months, he threatened to call the police. Mr Watkins said, “It was following those threats that the defendant transferred just over £70,000 to Gary Roscoe. “Gary Roscoe was shortly thereafter notified of the bankruptcy of the defendant’s company and that he was a creditor for the remaining £6,000.” The court heard Carson had kept Mrs Roscoe’s money in his firm’s bank account to cover other expenses. Carson, 68, had actually used money from another client to pay Mr Roscoe. Thomas McLoughlin had £81,000 when he died in 2017, which was left in a will prepared by Bespoke Probate Services. Carson had become close to Mr McLoughlin and his family and even went to his funeral, the court heard. His family “completely trusted” him and he applied for a grant of probate, but told relative Lorraine Beswick there may be complications. By February 2018, the family became concerned Carson was not dealing with the estate properly as they were receiving letters about unpaid bills. When they started to make their own checks, they were “alarmed” to find posts about him online from other clients and discovered the bank had already closed Mr McLoughlin’s account. Carson was arrested, charged and pleaded guilty to two counts of dishonestly retaining money received in his capacity of executor of the estates. A February 18 date was set for discussions about the proceeds of crime hearing to resume.

A young Wigan man who admitted to peddling hard drugs is not going straight to jail. Lewis Causey, of Falkirk Grove, Norley, appeared before a Bolton Crown Court to plead guilty to supplying cocaine between September 9 and October 3. Returning for sentence, the 22-year-old was given a two-year prison sentence but it was suspended for the same period. He must also complete 14 days of rehabilitation activities, must observe a six-month, electronically tagged curfew confining him to his home between 11pm and 6am and he forfeited the drugs and a phone.

A burglar has admitted to stealing £16,000 worth of work tools and a laptop after breaking into a garage. Craig Wilde, 30, of Victor Close, Marsh Green, appeared before Wigan magistrates to plead guilty to the high value theft from an address in Brentwood, Pemberton, on September 4. He also confessed to breaking into a garden shed on Fleming Court, Shevington, to steal a £700 pedal bike on October 6. He will be sentenced at Bolton Crown Court on January 10 before which he will be electronically tagged to check that he stays at home between 7pm and 7am.

A Wigan 20-year-old who admitted having a hunting knife in public has been given a suspended prison term. Callum Clayton, of Hollington Way, Winstanley, appeared before a Bolton judge for sentencing, having previously pleaded guilty to being armed with the weapon on Frog Lane. He was given a 42-week prison sentence which was suspended for two years. Clayton must complete 30 days of rehabilitation activities and is the subject of a 16-week electronically-tagged curfew between the hours of 9pm and 6am.

A man who admitted to assaulting and later stalking a woman has been given a community punishment. Mark Judson, 42, of Lord Street, Hindley, stood before Wigan justices to plead guilty to assaulting Olivia McNulty by beating on October 15, to smashing her bathroom cabinet the day before and then harassing her by sending calls and messages on November 22. He was ordered to complete a Building Better Relationships programme, 100 hours of unpaid work and 10 days of rehabilitation activities. He must also pay £485 in compensation and costs.

A young Wigan man who denies trying to cause another grievous bodily harm will be remanded in custody until his trial on April 6 next year, a Bolton judge has ruled. Kieran Barrington, 21, of Forest Avenue, Beech Hill, is charged with attempting the unlawful and malicious wounding of Stephen Argent and possessing a kitchen knife on November 5. He has pleaded not guilty to both charges.

A biker has been banned for riding on public land while helmetless, without insurance or a licence and under the influence of cannabis. Michael Gore, 21, of Lincoln Place, Marsh Green, stood before Wigan justices to admit to the motoring and drug offences committed on July 4 on Laithwaite Road and then a public footpath between Montrose Avenue and Heyford Road. He is disqualified from driving for 14 months and has to pay £259 comprising a fine, costs and victim services surcharge.

A Wigan man has been banned from the road for a year after Carlisle police caught him drug-driving. Cristian Necoara, 35, of Bolton Road, Ashton, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of a class B drug on February 13 when he appeared before borough justices. As well as the disqualification, a fine, victim surcharge and costs mean he has £239 to pay.

When police stopped a motorist for bad driving they found he had drugs on him too. Scott Jones, 48, of Chapel Green Road, Hindley, stood before Wigan justices to admit to cannabis possession and careless driving of a Peugeot 206 on Nel Pan Lane, Leigh, on July 25. He had five points put on his driver’s licence, the cannabis was confiscated and he was ordered to pay costs, a fine and victim services discharge totalling £199.

A man who denied attacking a woman has walked free from court after the case against him collapsed. Steven Threlfall, 39, of Close Lane, Hindley, had been charged with causing Sadie Holden actual bodily harm on May 11. Wigan magistrates ordered that a trial be held, but the case was dismissed when no prosecuting evidence was offered.

A Wigan man has admitted to possessing crack cocaine and heroin with intent to supply them. Ryan Halliwell, 37, of Gas Street, Platt Bridge, pleaded guilty to both charges when he appeared before a Bolton Crown Court judge who released him on bail until he returns for sentencing on January 18.

A former Wigan jail inmate is back behind bars for attacking two members of staff while inside. Dale Doran, 29, of Curtis Street, Pemberton, appeared before borough justices to admit to assaulting prison officers Gary Rourke and Ashleigh Mitchell at Hindley Prison on October 18 last year. He was given a 12-week custodial sentence and must pay compensation, costs and a victim services surcharge totalling £563.

A man who finally admitted to witness intimidation has been sent to prison for 19 months. Joseph Melling, 24, of School Avenue, Whelley, had initially stood before a Bolton Crown Court judge to deny making threatening comments to Carl Fairhurst knowing he was to testify in legal proceedings. But when the time came for his trial, he changed his plea to guilty and was given the immediate custodial term.

A young man who stole £600 worth of alcohol from Sainsbury’s and caused five times as much damage to a fire door during the raid has been given a community punishment. Nathan Shaw, 21, of Scholes, Scholes, appeared before Wigan magistrates to admit taking two hauls of booze from the Leigh store and causing £3,000 in criminal damage to the door on August 20. He was ordered to complete 25 days of rehabilitation activities and pay £300 in compensation and a fine.

A serial shoplifter will be spending Christmas behind bars. Shaun Atkins, 36, of Lancaster Road, Marsh Green, stood before Wigan justices to admit to five counts of theft in recent weeks. On three of those occasions he targeted TK Maxx at Robin Park to steal grooming and aftershave items, on another six travel mugs were stolen from Costa Coffee and on another he took food stuffs from Tesco Express. The value of the items stolen came to around £750. The bench give him a prison sentence totalling 21 weeks and ordered that he pay £128 in compensation.

A teenager has been accused of being a drug peddler. Jake Holgate, 19, of Liverpool Road, Platt Bridge, is charged with supplying cannabis to multiple people and also possessing the class B substance with intent to supply it. Wigan justices sent the case to be heard by a judge and Holgate will make his first appearance at Bolton Crown Court on January 12 before which he is on unconditional bail. Holgate has yet to enter pleas.

A man is on the run from the law while accused of causing £1,000 damage to soap dispensers. A warrant for the arrest of Dean Bootle was issued by Wigan magistrates when the 32-year-old of Wesley Street failed to appear at a hearing at which he is charged with criminal damage to Transport for Greater Manchester property on November 18.