Young man hid cash down his pants

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POLICE who searched a young man as he left a house in Wigan found he had more than £4,500 cash hidden down the front of his trousers.

When they arrested Christopher Harrington he had no explanation for the money, though later claimed the man who was giving him a lift had asked him to call at the house to collect some cash.

Harrington, 28, of City Road, Kitt Green, Wigan, pleaded guilty to possessing criminal property and was sentenced to 22 weeks imprisonment suspended for 18 months.

The cash was confiscated by judge David Harris, QC, who also ordered him to carry out 200 hours unpaid work and attend a probation course. He told him that he was giving him a chance to stay out of trouble and warned it was his last chance.

Tom Fitzpatrick, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that police noticed a VW Golf on May 28 last year and saw it stop in Woodhouse Lane, Wigan.

Harrington got out of the passenger seat and went into the house and meanwhile the officers went to speak to the driver. However, the driver sped off and when Harrington came back out he was stopped and £4,620 cash was found on him. The police went into the house and found the back door wide open, added Mr Fitzpatrick.

Harrington had no explanation for the cash when arrested but when interviewed at the police station said he had been given a lift by a man whose name he did not know and he stopped and asked him to pick some money up for him.

The court heard that he had pleaded guilty on the basis that a man, whom he would not name, had asked him to collect some money. He knew it related to some sort of criminal activity.

Carolyn Smith, defending, said that Harrington had pleaded guilty and was remorseful.