Youth was ‘dared’ to rob boy

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A YOUTH who was dared by friends to rob a teenage boy has been put behind bars for 18 months.

Kieran Clossick and a younger friend saw a 15-year-old boy walking past listening to his iPod Touch while two others were outside a shop in Bridge Street, Hindley.

As the boy approached a park in Danes Avenue to meet friends he felt pressure on his shoulders and was pulled to the floor, Karen Brooks, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court.

The victim, who recognised his two attackers from the group he had earlier passed, was threatened into handing over his iPod and fearing violence he did so.

Clossick, 18, was later identified from CCTV footage and was arrested three days later on August 15. He initially made no comment but later admitted the offence and said he had been drinking after falling out with his girlfriend.

He said his friends had encourage him to commit the offence but it was his younger companion who actually pulled the victim to the ground and took the device.

The court heard that the victim is now wary of groups of lads if he is out alone. Ms Brooks said: “He said he was angry that his iPod had been stolen as he bought it with money he had earned and from birthday money.”

Clossick, of Progress Street, Hindley, who has 23 previous convictions, admitted robbery and failing to surrender to bail. Sentencing him to detention in a Young Offenders’ Institute, Judge Bryn Holloway said: “Your victim was particularly targeted. You were dared by others in your company to carry out the offence and you did so in drink. The levels of violence were not serious but it was an unpleasant offence as far as the victim was concerned.”

Hannah Wood, defending, said that Clossick had been upset that day as his pregnant partner said she was not keeping the baby because of Clossick’s immaturity and he went out and drank too much.

He is still with his partner, whose three-year-old daughter refers to him as her father, and he has been offered an apprenticeship by a building firm.