Crossbow found at foiled burglary

Brook House flats in Scholes
Brook House flats in Scholes

AN imitation gun and a crossbow were found in a car park at the scene of a foiled burglary.

Three offenders burst into the Brook House block of flats in Scholes but were forced to dump their ill-gotten gains and flee after being confronted by police on their way out.

They grabbed items including a laptop in the incident yesterday but after being disturbed scattered in different directions.

Residents at the Warrington Lane flats told of dramatic scenes involving a gun and a crossbow together with a quiver full of arrows being spotted in the car park.

Despite officers chasing the offenders and surrounding the building for more than an hour no arrests have so far been made.

A Brook House resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I heard a lot of banging and clattering with people running around outside, but I didn’t pay too much attention at first. Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I stepped onto my balcony. Three police officers were running at speed towards the flats.

“There were also police vehicles at the front and one in the car park and I saw a satchel, which made me wonder if there had been a raid on the flats.

“I went downstairs and looked out and there was a gun and another satchel. They had obviously been dumped. The gun wasn’t high tech.

“A couple of men who live a few floors up were also there and one of them said the police had picked up a crossbow and a load of arrows and had put them in the back of a van.”

GMP confirmed three unknown offenders had forced their way into a flat and tried to steal various items before taking flight at the sight of police as they were leaving the building. Officers attended and disturbed three men who were making their way out of the apartment block carrying a number of items, including what is believed to be two imitation firearms, before they discarded them and ran away.

A foot pursuit of the offenders ensued during which a crossbow and a large knife that had been thrown in a bin were found.

The first offender is described as wearing a blue hooded top with the hood up. The second offender is described as wearing a two tone tracksuit top with the hood up. The third offender was seen carrying a camouflaged rucksack.

DS Stephen Baldam said: “We would like to appeal for anybody with information to come forward.

“During our pursuit of the offenders we recovered a number of very serious weapons.

“Thankfully nobody was home during the burglary and nobody was injured.”

Anybody with information should contact police on 101.