Crown date for knife man

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A MAN who admitted carrying a knife in the street following a row with his partner will be sentenced by a judge.

Andrew Thompson admitted possessing an offensive weapon after police officers found a kitchen knife in his pocket during an incident in Charles Street on June 2.

Thompson, of Masefield Avenue, Leigh, was told by Wigan magistrates that his case required a sentence which was more serious than the bench could impose on him. A report stated guidelines from the High Court showed that crimes involving knives should be given more severe sentences due to the particularly high numbers of cases currently being seen in court.

It said Thompson’s offence should be seen in the middle of three categories of knife crimes, as the weapon was in his pocket and he was not brandishing it or threatening anyone with it. However, the offence, which took place in the early hours, should still be regarded as having dangerous circumstances as it took place near Leigh town centre and the defendant had been drinking, the report concluded.

Thompson will now appear at Liverpool Crown Court for sentencing on July 23. He was released on unconditional bail.