Crown Post Office hit by new strike

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STAFF staged another official walk out as a pay and closures fight saw a fourth bout of industrial action hit Wigan town centre services.

But there were conflicting claims about success with the Communication Workers Union CWU hailing “solid support” from members, but management insisted that less than three per cent of branches were affected.

A spokesman for the Post Office said that the Wigan’s Crown branch had remained open despite the walk out by staff after it is believed management took the place of staff behind the counters.

Kevin Gilliland, network and sales director at the Post Office said it was disappointed that the CWU was continuing with industrial action “in the face of challenges” faced by Crown Post Offices and the need to address its current £40m a year loss.

He said: “Our plans are crucial to keeping Post Office branches on high streets across the UK and every hour of strike action is causing disruption and costing our people money.”

But the CWU said that the level of support for the strike by members showed that the Post Office’s closure and franchise increases and response to its pay claim had been “exposed as wrong.”

It accuses bosses of refusing to negotiate despite Post Office arguments on staff pay being shown to be at least £6m in error, the union claims.