Curfew appeal success

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A WIGAN woman who repeatedly drove at a milk van while drunk has successfully appealed to have her curfew removed.

Elizabeth Winstanley, 19, had her community order changed by Wigan Magistrates yesterday, after appealing for the four-month curfew to be removed because she has since found work as a barwoman.

Winstanley, of Atherton Road, Hindley, had previously been given a curfew and unpaid work order following an incident in the early hours of November 10 last year.

The court heard how Winstanley repeatedly drove a Vauxhall Corsa recklessly towards a milk van along Worcester Avenue, Hindley, shortly after 3am that morning.

A milkman later told how the defendant, who was carrying three passengers, drove towards his van three times before skidding to a halt at the last moment.

He also told how she repeatedly hit the kerb and only narrowly avoided crashing into a tree.

When Winstanley was stopped by police she was found to be about three times the legal drink drive limit.

Magistrates agreed to remove Winstanley’s curfew requirement, but added another 50 hours of unpaid work to her community order to compensate.