Cuts demo invite to Wiganers

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WIGAN protesters are invited to attend a mass demonstration in London to show their opposition to spending cuts.

Trade unionists from UNITE the Union, Unison and Wigan Trades Council are organising free transport to the peaceful event on Saturday, October 20, and offering coach seats to all local community groups and organisations in addition to any concerned individuals wishing to attend.

Stephen Hall, Leigh UNITE branch chairman, said: “The aim of the event is to demonstrate the views of trades unionists, and the widespread public opposition to the government’s policy of huge spending cuts and privatisation of public services including the NHS.

“We also oppose cuts in local government funding and in a whole range of welfare benefits, which will hit the most vulnerable the worst.

“There is also growing opposition to the government’s public sector pay freeze, attack on pensions, and its lack of action on the issue of climate change.

“The government’s austerity programme has caused incredible hardship across the country already

Coaches will pick up/drop off in Wigan, Leigh and elsewhere in the borough at around 7-7.30am and return at around 9.30-10pm in the evening,

To book a seat call 07724 139278 or email