Cyclist hit in face with brick

Gareth Williams
Gareth Williams

A WIGAN cyclist has spoken for the first time of a horrific road rage attack in which he was hit in the face with a brick by passing motorist.

Gareth Williams was riding along a dirt track between Bolton Road, Bickershaw, and Landgate Lane, Bryn, when a silver Ford Focus drove past, just clipping his leg.

As the driver did a handbrake turn, narrowly missing a telegraph pole, Gareth gestured at the motorist.

A short time later, the Ford Focus drove past at speed and the 40-year-old felt a blow to his face that knocked him unconsciousness.

It is thought he may have been hit with a brick or bottle.

When he came round, he found his face covered in blood and went to Baldwin’s Farm, where he summoned help.

Gareth, who is in the process of moving from Bryn to Leigh, said: “I was coming back from Leigh and was cycling down a dirt track.

“I heard a vehicle coming up from behind at great speed and it clipped my leg and I was covered in mud.

“It did a hand brake turn and skidded, nearly hitting a telegraph pole.

“They then went further to a construction site and then came back.

“I gestured to the passenger to wind his window down and I said: ‘are you wired up correctly? You nearly knocked me off my bike.’

“They swore at me and drove off again.

“I carried on down the track and they were coming back the other way. As they came past me, something was thrown out the driver’s side. It may have been a bottle or a stone, as I had a circular mark on my face.

“It hit me under the nose, straight through my lip and my cheekbone was fractured.

“I had to have plastic surgery under my lip.

“It totally knocked me out. I fell in a ditch and came around to find I was full of blood.

“I went to Baldwin’s Farm nearby and they rang an ambulance, which took me to Wigan Infirmary. I was grateful to them for their help.”

Gareth said he regularly uses that track and sometimes cycles with his 13-year-old daughter.

He added: “The scary thing was it could have happened when my daughter was there.

“There was no excuse to come back and throw something in my face. I could have been killed, brain damaged or blinded.”

The car was a silver Ford Focus, possible a 02 or 03 plate. There were two people inside: both white and aged between 17 and 20. One had short dark hair and the other short light coloured hair.

The incident happened at 11.30am on Monday, October 22.

Detective Constable Suzanne Rigby, said: “Someone in the car has quite possibly launched a brick or similar weapon at the victim from close range causing some very nasty facial injuries.

“Their actions, along with their driving, was reckless, dangerous and completely unprovoked.

“If anyone knows who is responsible, saw the car driving in the area that day or has any other information that may help, please contact us.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 7295, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.